Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SpaceClaim 3D Direct Solid Modeling with HyperShot Integration Live Webinar June 10th @ 12pm (EDT)

Hear from a SpaceClaim expert!

The time has finally arrived when Industrial Designers and Product Stylists can experience the freedom and flexibility that 3D Direct Solid Modeling brings to the industrial design process.

SpaceClaim® Style accelerates product concept ideation by providing incredibly fast, flexible tools that enable you to create, edit, and validate design concepts. With SpaceClaim Style, design professionals can work much more collaboratively with their clients, as well as the entire development team. It also provides a rapid creation environment where you can realize new ideas and convert hand-drawn, 2D, and surface data to accurate 3D solid models. Faster iteration, easier manipulation, and reusable deliverables – it’s all there. Believe it. It’s true.

Join us for this live webinar and discover how you can:

Use HyperShot directly inside of SpaceClaim.

Use solid modeling to create new design concepts faster than you ever imagined.

See how direct modeling lets you modify as quickly as you create.

Use Rhinoceros’ direct integration with SpaceClaim to facilitate challenging changes.

Create more robust designs that are compatible with CAD systems.

You simply have to see it to believe it. Remember, don’t blink!