Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Latest Bunkspeed Forum Post from DesignerRob

Hi guys, this was my final university project, i decided to try and rejuvinate the caravan, something that has had a lot of bad press over recent years. Heres a brief explanation of the idea and some images.

My design is inspired by airstreams and 50s style, highlighted by the whitewall tyres and wheel covers, and the sleek airstream form and aluminium band and dark windows. I aimed to design something that would stand out from the crowd of plain boring white boxes that fill today's caravan parks and recapture some of the individuality that was about when caravanning first began. But I didn't want to design something that would not resemble a caravan at all and alienate potential buyers. The interior is modern and sophisticated and miles away from the poor quality chipboard filled spaces found in many of today's popular caravans. The bedroom is located above the main living area which is provided by the electronically operated pop up roof, access to this bedroom space is provided via the movable ladder at the end of the kitchen area. There is a comfortable sized bathroom and a clean kitchen with fold out breakfast bar area. In the main living area there is a sofa which also doubles as a bed with a second slide out mattress and stackable chairs provide more seating options. Additional space is provided via the fold down rear panel which gives a decking area which can be used as both an inside and outside space. The caravan is constructed from a lightweight GRP foam core sandwich body which sits on top of a steel tubular chassis. This eradicates current problems caused by leaks damaging plywood floors and walls found in today's caravans.