Thursday, March 5, 2009

HyperShot 1.8 Decals a Go Go

Rendered in HyperShot, using HDR environment from

A little late, but HyperShot 1.8 is out and perhaps the one thing that existing users have been waiting for is finally implimented - decals. or for those of us without funny accents - stickers! This means that you have a great deal more control over how both textures and decals are applied, whether they're on a single part or across multiple parts. This is current built into non-transparent materials, including Metal, Anisotropic, Metallic Paint, Plastic, Diffuse, and Flat.

Other updates for this release include the ability automatically assign materials when importing data and to control values in dialogs using a dial, rather than tapping in values manually (mouse wheel support for this might have been useful too). There's also been some work done on the quality of blur when you're using Depth of Field - which is previous release can be more than a little noisey - this new release should give you a much 'cleaner' blur (if that makes any form of sense).

Render by Inovo Design for its client, Motonica

HyperShot is sold on a similar pricing scheme to that of digital cameras - higher resolution and more features costs more. For those working with the Pro version, the batch and render queue has been tweaked to run the render queue in a seperate process (for those using multi-core machines - which makes massive sense in this instance).

With HyperShot 2.0 on its way soon, HyperMove shipping (look out for a full review in the next issue of Develop3D), Bunkspeed are going at it. Big Time. And with Autodesk on the offensive with Showcase both in a technological sense and pricing (it's been dropped to $995), they need to keep up the momentum they've already built in the short two years. HyperShot 1.7 is available for free to existing users and ready to download now.

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