Thursday, February 19, 2009

HyperShot 1.8 Preview Wow's Webcast Audience

This morning our webcast was attended by a record number of extra attentive HyperShot users anxious to get a peek at the all new texture mapping and decal tools in HyperShot V1.8, to be released next week. Not only did we have a record number of attendees, but a record number of comments. All we can say is wow and thanks..we're on the right track.

Our team at Bunkspeed could sit here and tell you how awesome version 1.8 is and how great this update is going to change your life. But then we sat back at said to ourselves, why don’t we allow the attendees on today’s webcast tell you what they really felt about the new 1.8 version.

And yes this is all from our customers and we didn't pay anybody to say this. Enjoy!!



"Thanks guys!"



"Lovin' it"

"When can I buy stock in Bunkspeed"


"Now I'm tearing up"

"'re killin' me. Release it!"

"It's a can of hyperShot Whoop-@ss."

"Once again I've learned a bunch of things. Thanks guys. I can hardly wait for the download."

"Amazing work! When is the update available?"

"Very encouraging improvements. Thumbs up!!"

"It's like bunkspeed hypershot except the texturing does not suck!"

"No ****ing way, it is awesome! I'm buying ;-)"

"When you deliver features like this you should be giddy."

"sold- we need to get this in our procurement queue- please call me so I can help facilitate geting a few licenses over here."

"Thank you GOD."

" I have a full-on robot chubby!"


"my 1st time on I loved it!!!!"

"Absolutely awesome upgrades, love the material grouping and this material retaining on obect instances"

" i'm about to cry seeing this!!!"

"Great job on HyperShot 1.8. Way to go – it’s a major milestone."