Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Alibre to offer Bunkspeed HyperShot Globally Through Alibre Distributors

Alibre Design, Alibre’s flagship CAD software, delivers unparalleled value to engineers by providing the same core functionality of products like SolidWorks, Inventor, and other mid-range solid modeling software at one fifth their cost.

“Our CAD/CAM technology, combined with HyperShot, makes a truly unique and highly cost effective solution from concept design all the way to downstream activities such as creating magazine quality ads for finished products or even product proposals for new ones. Since both Alibre and HyperShot are designed with simplicity and power in mind, the marriage of the two becomes really compelling. It’s just never been done at the price we’re doing it at, or even close for that matter,” says J. Paul Grayson, Alibre Chairman and CEO. “It’s a huge leap forward for our users, since many customers lack a marketing department or knowledge of complex rendering software. For these customers, the ability to jump in and make a magazine quality rendering of the products they design with Alibre Design, in minutes and not hours or days, is crucial to winning bids and selling their products. HyperShot empowers them in much the same way Alibre Design does,” he adds.

We're very excited about this partnership as it further extends the reach of HyperShot to Alibre's global community of engineers and designers, who would like to make photographic imagery of their CAD models in a fraction of the time" say's Philip Lunn, Bunskpeed Founder and CEO. "Combined with Alibre, this package offers unprecedented value to the engineering community. In today's challenging times, success will come from offering the most value for money."

Those interested in learning more about HyperShot and Alibre Design can watch a brief online demonstration at A free trial of both Alibre Design and HyperShot can also be found there.