Saturday, January 24, 2009

Featured Designer of the Month-Chad Holton

Chad Holton is a mechanical designer at Emerson Power Transmission located in Maysville, Kentucky. He’s been with Emerson for a total of 12 years, designing gear reducers inside and out. After graduating from Northern Kentucky Tech. in 1996, he started at Emerson as a Draftsman using AutoCAD and then began using Pro/ENGINEER the summer of 1999. He also had a short career in Geographic Information Systems in 2008 and went back to Emerson this past September.
CAD Application:
HyperShot HD
Q&A with Chad:

Bunkspeed: How long have you used HyperShot before you made these pictures?
Chad:A couple of these pictures were made within the first week of having HyperShot. After learning about HyperShot from a friend here at work, I obtained the demo and less than 15 minutes after bringing in the first model; I had the best looking rendering I had ever made. I would spend countless hours making renderings in Pro/ENGINEER, which could be created in a very short time with HyperShot.

Bunkspeed: What did you use before HyperShot?
Chad:I mainly used the default rendering package in Pro/ENGINEER. Tried other software as well, but HyperShot was the most user friendly.

Bunkspeed:What do you like most about HyperShot?
Chad:What sold me was the ability to create a nice rendering in a short amount of time. I sometimes get request for renderings without much time to do them and HyperShot allows me to do this easily. Also, among other things, I like the thought of coming back a few months later into a saved bip file and being able to change colors, move the camera angle, etc. for a different request requiring the same model.

Bunkspeed:Did you use one of our stock hdri or did you make your own?
Chad:For most of my images I use your studio lighting hdri with the environment turned off. Every now and then I like to mix it up and use one of the others. Most renderings I do will end up needing the background removed anyway so your alpha channel option is very handy.