Monday, November 24, 2008

Bunkspeed Software Adopted by College

Bunkspeed announced that Detroit’s College for Creative Studies (CCS) has made Bunkspeed applications a main part of its industrial and automotive design instruction.After an extensive evaluation, CCS has adopted the real-time rendering product HyperShot and the automotive visualization package HyperDrive as new digital tools in its progressive design curriculum. The level of realism delivered by these applications enable students to better communicate their concepts and ideas while integrating with CCS’ primary design software. In the past, a person’s ability to render their digital models was directly related to their expertise in the modeling software; now the quality of images is fully dependent on the creativity of the user, not their technical expertise.“CCS was looking for cutting-edge 3D rendering that encouraged creativity not only in product development but also for graphic design presentation,” says Laurie Evans, Director of Academic Technologies at CCS. “Bunkspeed now leads the industry by providing a new way to create amazing photorealistic effects without the need for a lot of technical experience. All of our faculty expect to see the quality of student renderings improve and, more importantly, expect to see students spending more time on design and less time struggling with rendering techniques.”CCS is a recognized leader in art and design education that prepares students to enter the new global economy. The College, located in America’s automotive capitol, offers Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in 11 majors including advertising design, graphic design, interior design, product design, and transportation design. Beginning in Fall 2009, CCS will award the Master of Fine Arts degree in Design and in Transportation Design.“Because CCS launches so many careers into industrial design, I believe the introduction of Bunkspeed’s software will have enormous benefits in the studio environment,” says Michael Check, President of Bunkspeed’s Automotive and Transportation Division. “HyperDrive and HyperShot can take students a step further in visualization. All CCS students will benefit from our technology, as they will now be able to interact with their 3D digital models faster and present better quality imagery.Schools with a dedicated program for design can qualify for Bunkspeed’s Render Them Speechless Academic Program. For information on eligibility, please visit: students can subscribe to HyperShot for their own personal use for only $99.99 per year. Click here for further information: