Friday, November 28, 2008

Bunkspeed Adds Bentley Motors As Customer

Luxury Carmaker to Capitalize on Real-time Rendering and Driving Simulation

The British luxury carmaker has recently implemented Bunkspeed’s advanced automotive visualization product, HyperDrive, as well as HyperShot, the first all digital camera for 3D data, inside its Concept Design Team.

Bentley decided to look into the future and prepare a vision for the virtual development of vehicles as part of the design process. Existing digital methods have been a long-term frustration and needed improvement. One of the major barriers has been a consequence of their success; many of Bentley’s designers were too busy to pick up some of the newer and more productive tools in the digital workflow. This contributed to a lengthy workflow in the realisation of virtual designs, as designers work with both physical clay modellers and digital modellers. 

“The principal task is to create a desire in the designers, to work independently in the digital medium, whilst building an organization that allows this interest to thrive,” says Jim Shaw, head of the Bentley Concepts team. “Bunkspeed was unique among many companies competing for a place in the designer’s workplace. They have focused intensely on making it very easy for creative people to create compelling, imagery for the design decision process.”