Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bunkspeed Featured on Nvidia CUDA GPGPU Newsletter Week in Review July 9, 2010

Bunkspeed Launches GPU-Accelerated 3D Rendering Software
Bunkspeed, provider of simplified 3D rendering and animation software, has released Bunkspeed SHOT, an interactive 3D application that brings the power of the GPU to creative professionals. The new version, which acts as a "camera" for 3D data, incorporates innovative iray technology from mental images and runs on NVIDIA Quadro, Tesla and GeForce platforms.

Background: Bunkspeed brought interactive ray tracing (a rendering method that simulates light reflections, refractions and shadows) to the market in 2007 but it was limited to the CPU. The new Bunkspeed SHOT leverages CUDA-based GPUs to dramatically accelerate the user´s workflow. Even the most complex scenes render interactively and in real-time. Bunkspeed also enables users to scale up rendering over multiple machines. A new level of performance and realism is now achievable at less than 20% of the cost of the same level on multiple CPUs.

"As a user of the previous generation software from Bunkspeed, I knew the standard set at the time was tough to beat. Bunkspeed SHOT offers breakthrough usability, performance and quality, and is a pleasure to use…. I am rendering at speeds unimagined just a couple of years ago…." - Peter Crowther, UK-based, computer graphic artist and illustrator
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