Friday, April 9, 2010

The next generation of HyperShot: Bunkspeed Shot coming in May

Bunkspeed Shot is not a clone of HyperShot.  It is a ground up redesign.  Even faster and simpler workflow.  Detailed scene tree.  Fast hide/show/copy/paste.  Drag and drop everything.   Complete undo/redo.  Import all of all the CAD formats you expect.  Most importantly, an all new unbiased hybrid render engine that runs great on CPU's just like HyperShot, but is signfiicantly accelerated with NVIDIA CUDA based graphics cards.  Many new features and an elegant, intuitive interface that will enable designers, photographers, engineers, or anyone to be render stunning images faster than ever before.

The next generation HyperShot, not just a clone: 
The all new Bunkspeed Shot 

Coming May 2010