Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bunkspeed® powers its next generation of software with mental images’ iray® Technology

Combines fast and intuitive workflow of Bunkspeed with power and accuracy of mental images® iray® rendering technology­—creating a powerful, accelerated and easy-to-use next generation real-time rendering tool with unprecedented photorealism.

CARLSBAD, Calif. —February 3, 2010--Bunkspeed, Inc, a leading global provider of rendering and visualization software for design, engineering, and marketing, announced today it has selected iray® rendering  technology from mental images®  to power its next generation software to be called Bunkspeed SHOT™—the  company's revolutionary easy to use, real-time photorealistic rendering application.  Bunkspeed SHOT™ vastly simplifies the complex process of 3D object rendering, putting the power of photorealistic imagery directly into the hands of designers, photographers, engineers, architects, creative agencies, and all creators of 3D content.

Bunkspeed was the first to offer an intuitive "virtual digital camera" in the form of interactive real-time ray tracing with its introduction of HyperShot®, whose simple and elegant workflow enabled digital designers to bring their creations to realistic life, in minutes not hours—freeing them from the complex technical processes so often related to 3D rendering tools, and with much better results.

Bunkspeed SHOT’s ability to use either the CPU, GPU or both, promises to be faster than ever before, scaling seamlessly on one or more machines to make optimal use of any particular hardware configuration.  Bunkspeed SHOT’s integration with mental images’ iray rendering technology, fully exploits the powerful parallel processing power of NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPUs, encouraging more rapid iterations with stunning photorealistic accuracy.

Tightly combining the intuitive and interactive Bunkspeed SHOT™  workflow with the reality matching accuracy of iray materials and lighting, allows creative users in any field, on any hardware, to intuitively produce the highest quality image output without the steep learning curves of other rendering solutions.  

"The combination of Bunkspeed SHOT and iray® is an extremely exciting development for us and the industry.  It demonstrates our standing commitment to our customers to constantly innovate and improve our products, and to remain the leader in accessible and truly easy-to-use photorealistic rendering for all creators of 3D content." said Anthony Duca, COO of Bunkspeed.

“mental images is very pleased that Bunkspeed has chosen iray as their official rendering technology,” says Randy Ochs, Vice President of Business Development and Sales, North America for mental images. “We are excited that iray will allow users of the new Bunkspeed SHOT™ to create accurate, photorealistic 3D images by harnessing the power of the GPU and NVIDIA CUDA  architecture for unbelievably fast photorealism. We welcome Bunkspeed to our list of OEM Partners who have selected mental images technology to enable greater rendering performance in their products. ”
Bunkspeed SHOT™ integrated with ira rendering technology— is a combination of unprecedented power, elegance and accuracy. Bunkspeed is raising the bar once again, enabling users to continue to "Render them speechless"™.

The next generation of Bunkspeed SHOT™ fully integrated with iray® rendering technology will be available starting within the second quarter of 2010 and . will be made available as a free 30 day trial, an upgrade to all current Bunkspeed HyperShot customers, and no charge to all those on maintenance or pre order. For more information about Bunkspeed SHOT, please visit For more information about iray®, please visit


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