Saturday, November 14, 2009

Product Manager David Randle takes us through HyperMove in "Animation for Designers"

Replayed from the November 12th's Webinar, Bunkspeed Product Manager takes you through animation of a watch mechanism, camera fly's and material animation. An informative and useful tutorial on all HyperMove's animation elements. A must see for creation of animation in HyperMove.

You rendered them speechless with HyperShot.
Now it is time to move your audience with HyperMove.

A one hour webinar to learn how you can make your products come to life by quickly creating various types of animations. The best part? Work directly with your HyperShot files.

This webinar will cover:

- Importing and preparing your model
- Setting up your scene
- Setting up an animation
- Combining and controlling your animations
- Creating the final output
- ... and much more.

If you ever thought about animation, you really don't want to miss this webinar.

Click here to watch (Quicktime 7 or X required):