Monday, April 27, 2009

ad:tech SF: Steve Hayden Replaces Industry Fear with a Wee Bit O' Wonder

by Angela Natividad Apr-27-09

Ogilvy Vice Chairman Steve Hayden conducted a keynote titled "Fear, Love and Advertising" at ad:tech SF last week. I livetweeted it; you can see some of the tweetage here.

Hayden kicked off by explaining the premise behind his talk: in this dire economic clime, when everybody's castrating their own creativity, he hopes to encourage the industry to shelf their fears in favour of a little (well-informed) wonder.

He woke the muse by blasting us with iconic ads, like the Apple Newton stuff and "True Colors" from Dove's Real Women campaign.

Then he gave us a long, colourful explanation of a hexagon he calls Hayden's Mandala -- a complex (and yet simple!) cycle of everything a person/brand goes through when facing a major growth trajectory or change. Here's a video snapshot of that:

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Then Hayden did something I've never seen a keynoter do before: he passed the floor to people whose products he thinks will change the media environment. I was awestruck, and only more so when I saw what came next.

Richard Chandler of Ogilvy came next who worked on Bunkspeed Software. Bunkspeed is this mildly incredible 3D imaging software that makes it possible to develop product packaging and compose print, TV and digital/Flash creative with as much ease as playing a video game.

Witness while Chandler creates packaging for a Dove product, then incorporates it into client-approved ad imagery. It's downright magical:
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He also built some Flash animation for Stolichnaya right before our eyes, and brought Ogilvy's classic (PENCIL-DRAWN) Rolls Royce ad into the 21st century, with as much ease.

If you're as razzle-dazzled as I was, visit the Bunkspeed website (linked above) for a free demo.