Monday, March 23, 2009

New Web Site for Industrial Design Community

Shanghai, China – March 23, 2009-03-23

Product Design Hub is the new online community web site, where industrial designers from all over the world come together to socialize and to create, share and find useful resources. Product Design Hub was born out of Product Design Forums, which is the leading online discussion board for industrial design enthusiasts with more than 24,000 members since 2004. Product Design Hub is now the sister site and integrates with Product Design Forums.

In the first place, Product Design Hub collects and archives the best discussions, tutorials and other resources from Product Design Forums. Product Design Hub is also there to publish interesting news, events, articles, videos and other information from the industrial design community. Product Design Hub also serves the community with a Job board, a Directory and a Web Store.

The mission of Product Design Hub is to maintain a friendly and inspirational social environment, where a wide range of inspirational resources are shared with pleasure. Product Design Hub collects and archives the best resources to share different kind of design knowledge, experience and skills.

Product Design Hub welcomes everyone to be part of this community. Enjoy!

Press Contact: Waikit Chung (co-founding director and editor)
Phone: +86 158 00 526 530 (Shanghai, China)