Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kuryakyn '09 Harley Catalog Evokes Emotion using HyperShot

Küryakyn, an innovative design company of aftermarket motorcycle parts for Harley Davidson and Metric Cruisers uses HyperShot to create marketing and catalog imagery.

"Our material is chrome, and with that comes many MANY challenges in both the photography and rendering world. Chrome is absolutely mindblowing to photograph, let alone render, but with the release of HyperShot we are beginning to overcome our limitations and produce realistic images of our products in a fraction of the time."

"I had the pleasure of getting my hands wet with HyperShot. I don't do any modeling, but get to do everything after that and handle rendering, color correcting, and touching up of final images before they go to print."

"Just to give you a sampling, here is our 2009 Harley Catalog cover. All parts (5 total in this image) were rendered in HyperShot, then digitally painted into the image using Photoshop."