Tuesday, March 17, 2009

HyperShot 1.8 released! - The most significant update since its introduction

After wowing a record audience during the webcast (click here to watch if you missed it) a few weeks back when previewing the most significant update of HyperShot to date since its initial introduction in June of 2007, HyperShot 1.8 has been finally introduced to the market. HyperShot 1.8 can be downloaded immediately from Bunkspeed's website.

HyperShot 1.8 introduces all new texture mapping and decaling which will make the placement of textures and logos on any non-transparent material easier than ever. Here is an example from CGI master Abed Sabeh:

HyperShot 1.8 introduces many other improvements:
• Retain Materials upon import
• Interactive dials in addition to numeric input
• Remove all geometry from scene
• Depth of Field Quality
• Improved workflow when working with textures and decals
• SolidWorks plugin (PC)
• SketchUp 7 support (PC/Mac)
• FBX (PC/Mac)
To see detailed descriptions of all features along with a list of improvements please follow this link.

Still haven't tried HyperShot? What are you waiting for? Get your copy today, and start to render them speechless!

Bunkspeed would like to thank all of his customers who have helped bring this release of Hypershot to market. It could not have been done without you!