Sunday, March 1, 2009

Award Winning Industrial Designer Bill Gould Chooses HyperShot to Render His Solidworks Models

Industrial and Product Designer – Gould Studios

Bill Gould has been self-employed since 1973 with special expertise in Industrial Design, manufacturing processes and injection molding, and as a consultant in Product Development and Technology Realization, with a primary focus on medical device and consumer products

"I purchased HyperShot at the 2008 SolidWorks World in San Diego, and created my first print quality rendering of the round “Ferguson’s Orrery” within fifteen minutes after installing it. I sat back from the screen, and was frankly “rendered speechless”! HyperShot has become a primary tool in my pipeline and my clients are blown away by the high quality renderings I’m now able to provide. It has even justified a new super-fast workstation!

I used PhotoWorks (within SolidWorks) and still do at times, but primarily it’s used to do surface specific mapping prior to importing into HyperShot. I was just about to buy another photo-rendering application, but I’m sure glad I met the Bunkspeed team first! I also use PhotoShop, so I appreciate the ease with which HyperShot images import for additional tweaking and integration into the layout.

Once you learn the simple tools it’s really fast and efficient, and each upgrade makes it even easier and more intuitive. It’s perfect for the casual user, yet offers the professional considerable depth and control, allowing us to focus on the art, rather than the process. The Bunkspeed support is excellent, and they are building a true world-wide community through their HyperShot Forum, Newsletter and training webinars. Best of all, HyperShot is FUN, unlike most other software applications!"