Sunday, February 22, 2009

HyperMove is Here

HyperMove is here. After 3 years in development we are going live with HyperMove, an innovative new generation animation tool. Our goal with HyperMove is to make simple animation what it should be...simple. We've focused on the types of animations that our HyperShot customers want to do most. Opening and closing a telephone, computer for example, then draws, doors, wheels, gears. Part animation, camera animation, light animation. What we've found is with some creative energy, HyperMove can be used to make sophisticated animations quickly and easily. The animation on our homepage here was created in HyperMove. Iteration is fun and highly interactive with our innovative animation ribbon which lets you visually see in 3D exactly what the animation will do. We've integrated two types of rendering highly accurate cpu rendering (same render engine as HyperShot) and a faster but more featured gpu based renderer. What you choose will based on the task at hand. You can also compose a scene made up of all types of cad data, add multiple lights and launch the entire scene into HyperShot.

HyperMove has been launched with a complete line up of short tutorials so you can quickly get the most out of it. You can find the tutorials here.

To request a demonstration of HyperMove please email