Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bunkspeed Introduces Free HyperShot for SolidWorks Plugin - HyperShot SolidWorks Edition only $795 for a limited time

Bunkspeed today announced the immediate availability of the HyperShot for SolidWorks plugin.

HyperShot is the first digital camera for 3D data. Using scientifically accurate materials and realworld lighting in real-time the patent pending application gives anybody involved with 3D data the ability to create photographic images in a matter of minutes.

The plugin creates a direct connection between HyperShot and SolidWorks. Users can now access HyperShot directly from within SolidWorks with a simple push of a button. “The new HyperShot for SolidWorks plugin is an excellent and useful enhancement, greatly improving my workflow and adding a new dimension to the design process,” says Bill Gould, CEO and award winning SolidWorks Master, Gould Studios.

“As a product designer working against tight deadlines, I can now simply and quickly create high
quality photorealistic renderings "on the fly" and without interrupting my thought process, “ Gould continues. “I then email the image to my client while on the phone discussing changes. The HyperShot for SolidWorks plugin is a winner in my book.”

“The HyperShot for SolidWorks plugin is another significant step for us to help companies reduce cost”, says Philip Lunn, CEO and founder of Bunkspeed. “SolidWorks users can now create photographic images of their designs even faster, resulting in quicker and better design decisions, and marketing imagery can be created with more efficiency.”

The HyperShot for SolidWorks plugin is available for immediate download at

For a limited time, Bunkspeed is also offering HyperShot SolidWorks Edition for $795 for all SolidWorks users. Contact for more information.