Monday, February 9, 2009

Cadalyst Magazine Says "HyperShot blows the competition out of the water". In depth review.

Feb 2, 2009By: Cadalyst
Playing at a New Level
The real meat of the argument, of course, is the core programming of the real-time rendering technology, which in my opinion, Bunkspeed has mastered. For a product designer, HyperShot is a dream application. It has all the features I want, and I immediately have the results I need to see how colors, materials, and finishes look together. You can just compare what comes out of the previews of other popular rendering solutions to what you get in HyperShot, and the choice is obvious. HyperShot blows the competition out of the water.
The buzz around Bunkspeed's rendering software, HyperShot, had leaked into my office. I decided I wanted to take a week or two to test the free trial and see if the claims were true: final rendered scenes in real time and amazingly easy-to-achieve photorealism. HyperShot is a tool for all types of designers, from architects to artists and animators to aerospace engineers and jewelry makers, but I was curious to find out how HyperShot might fit into my own work as an industrial designer.
This review might propagate the buzz, because I found that — with a few small reservations — I must confirm the rumors. And I discovered other advantages unique to HyperShot that make simple sense for product designers.