Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yanko Design Chooses Bunkspeed

Los Angeles, CA, January 6, 2009 – Bunkspeed, developer of the world’s fastest 3D rendering technology for design, engineering, and marketing, today announced that Yanko Design will feature Bunkspeed’s signature rendering software HyperShot as part of its widely popular online publication. The online magazine will offer HyperShot trial downloads and sales to its online community.

“The level of realism delivered by these applications enables the Yanko Design community to better communicate their concepts and ideas,” says Philip Lunn, CEO and founder of Bunkspeed. “Aligning with Yanko Design brings significant exposure to our products and further builds community by linking the design, engineering, and marketing disciplines.”

Takashi Yamada, founder Yanko Design says: “Many design contributors in our community were already using HyperShot, it was an easy decision to choose Bunkspeed. We have always said “it’s all about the best.” Bunkspeed shares that philosophy.”

The HyperShot promotion will allow anyone to achieve state-of-the-art photorealistic effects on designs. “Because there is not a need for a lot of technical experience with HyperShot,” says Lunn, “Bunkspeed democratizes access to advanced 3D rendering. Thanks to Yanko Design, this technology is spreading to a whole new audience of users.”