Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Bunkspeed Software Used to Launch Tesla Roadster Sports Edition"

HyperShot and HyperDrive applications used to create launch imagery of new roadster at NAIAS 2009

Los Angeles, CA, January 14 – Bunkspeed, developer of the world’s fastest 3D rendering technology for design, engineering, and marketing, announced today that Tesla Motors is using HyperShot and HyperDrive for the creation of all launch imagery of their all-new Tesla Roadster Sports Edition. This vehicle is being launched this month at NAIAS 2009 in Detroit.

When Tesla Motors was presented with the unique opportunity to secure a booth at this year’s Detroit auto show, the company decided to use this event to launch their new roadster in a completely distinct way. The company decided on an all-virtual launch of their car which will become available in the spring of 2009. Considering the short amount of time to prepare for the event, the design and marketing team at Tesla Motors was looking for a quick and efficient way to create photographic images of the highest quality from their 3D digital data. Bunkspeed’s HyperDrive and HyperShot were the obvious choice.

“The Bunkspeed tools integrate seamlessly within Tesla’s workflow. We make quick decisions on digital models and want to carry the use and interaction with digital models for interior and exterior work through the entire design process,” says Franz von Holzhausen, Chief Designer of Tesla Motors. “I personally use HyperShot on my MacBook Pro. I love how quickly and easily I can evaluate the design in real-time with photographic quality.”

“As the pressure increases to be more efficient in today’s economy, car companies worldwide are looking into new ways of launching their products. Tesla Motors has adopted Bunkspeed’s software tools into their design and marketing process to create great images in a very short amount of time, while maintaining the highest level of quality,” says Michael Check, President of Bunkspeed’s Automotive and Transportation Division. “This adds up to significant cost savings without any compromise in quality and flexibility.”

To learn more about the Tesla Roadster Sports Edition and their use of Bunkspeed’s technology, visit Tesla Motors’ booth at the NAIAS 2009 in Detroit from January 11-25.