Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bunkspeed Releases HyperShot 1.7!

Bunkspeed is proud to present HyperShot 1.7. This is a much anticipated update that brings significant improvements and exciting new features in the areas of Usability, Rendering, Translators, and Performance. Here are the most significant highlights:

Improved model interaction:
You can now move your objects within the scene by simply using the mouse and keyboard. Whether you want to move an object, rotate, or scale it, it now is literally only a mouse-click away.

Reworked material library:
Enjoy now a crisper representation in different sizes of your materials along with more flexibility when positioning and organizing the material window.

Simplified workflow when working with textures:
Upon import, HyperShot automatically applies the necessary texture coordinates if they are missing on the geometry.

All new Render Queue (Pro only):
No longer do you need to wait for your renderings to finish during your precious work hours. Add all the scenes you would like to render into the queue, and hit the “render” button before you leave for the day. This now allows you to use your hardware 24/7.

More and better translators:
Import now ALIAS, 3DS, FBX and JT directly. Improvements to the OBJ importer make import from Cinema 4d, Maya, and 3D Studio Max a snap. And finally SolidWorks 2009 is supported.

HyperShot 1.7 is a free upgrade from any previous version for all existing customers.