Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spotlight-Jon Hull Designer of the Month

Jon Hull is a senior designer at Mitsubishi Motors. He's been an automotive designer for 13 years, designing exterior and interiors of concept and production vehicles. He also work in other fields including product design, furniture design and video games. He went to college at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY.

Q&A with Jon
How long had you used HyperShot before you made these pictures? I've been using HyperShot since May of this year. But within the first couple weeks I was producing images similar to these. HyperShot is a very intuitive program, even on your first use it is amazing what you can achieve.

What did you use before HyperShot? Mostly Alias, and a few other programs. While there are other decent real-time 3d programs, nothing compares to the realistic subtleties that HyperShot produces.

What do you like most about HyperShot? HyperShot's ability to produce photo realistic renderings in near real-time has drastically altered the way the automotive industry has approached the entire design process. Being able to visualize real world aesthetics of a design at such an early stage has opened up new review processes that simply weren't possible before. The interface is incredibly easy to pickup, for anyone who has used any 3d modeling program you can basically be up and running in about 15 minutes. The shadows and bounced light are some of the best quality I have ever seen, the fact that it renders in minutes is just mind numbing.

Did you use one of our stock hdri or did you make your own? I used a combination of your HDRIs and HDRIs I made myself. In some cases I mixed your HDRIs with my own backplates.